Legendary Bootcamp
20th - 23rd August, 2020 (Wolverhampton)
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Concerned about the Rise of the Online Agent and know you need to do something, but not sure what?
Have you somehow hit a plateau and just don’t seem to be able to GROW your business like before?
Do you feel pressured by layers of legislation and the ever-increasing complexity of staying compliant?
Then you need to learn our COVETED 5-step process on how to… 
 Increase your income without increasing your fees by adding additional layers of service
Use proven systems and processes, that will dramatically reduce your workload  
Do what the big boys do and TREBLE the size of your agency with our GROWTH formula 
Use the numbers within your business to EXCEED current performance levels and make so much more per deal
Create your self-running SENIOR management team of tomorrow, today and give yourself FREEDOM to focus on what matters… 
The Treble Your Turnover Bootcamp is a Fully-LOADED 4-day event, where our coach, Sally Lawson, shares her knowledge and experience from 28 years in the industry. She will teach you what she did to build numerous letting agency businesses, including a national franchise operation that achieved 500% growth in 5 years.

We teach you our tried and tested formula for operating a letting agency at the highest levels in-depth, so you can optimise your income and create a systemised, self-running business – the agency of your dreams.
We don’t just tell you what to do, but we will SHOW you how to do it, step by step.
You will walk away with a personalised, step-by-step agency GROWTH plan
You will get EVERYTHING we use in our letting agency businesses, to keep them on track with our FULL Agent Rainmaker Toolkit
You will get EVERYTHING we use in our letting agency businesses, to keep them on track with our FULL Agent Rainmaker Toolkit
which includes...
  •   All the Checklists we use to keep our teams on track and manageable process sheets
  •  How to guides for every function 
  •  Full set up and Launch kit 
  •  Full Operations Manual 
  •  Key Staff reporting tools and management tools 
You will get EVERYTHING you need to GROW your agency, consume the competition and restructure your service and fees to beat not only the Online Agents, but the competition too…
We will equip you with the tools you need to systemise your sales functions, back end management and remotely oversee the performance of your branches…
All in one course...
At the end of these 4 days, you will have everything you need to go straight back to your office and…
SYSTEMISE your processes
Set GOALS and TARGETS for your sales team, with accountability and measurable tools to manage their results
GROW and EXPAND your business
BEAT the competition
And to MODERNISE your offering in light of the Rise of Competition
Create the DREAM TEAM you have always wanted.
The power then falls to you.
With our help, you will be able to craft your unique business plan for your agency, tailored to your specific goals, and begin implementation DURING the bootcamp.
Bootcamp change the fortunes of Hannah and Kris
“It has been truly inspirational”

“There’s been a few lightbulb moments for me during this course… Sally and Karen helped me to drill down deep into my business to see what I could do to improve it, change it, transform it and bring it up into modern day times.
“I’ve never had any formal training before in terms of setting up a letting agency… it’s been a real eye-opener.
There’s no doubt in my mind that if I hadn’t come to this training course then I just wouldn’t have known how to implement these things to be able to grow and develop the business.”
Hannah Fargher

Kris Carpenter
“We already started to do things in the evening that we learned that day”

“For 6 months, my business had been flatlining in terms of growth – incremental at best… What I expected from this course was to learn how to run my letting agency better – I got that in spades.
“Sally and Karen are fantastic at presenting. They made the subject interesting to listen to.
“Within a few weeks of attending Bootcamp, and adopting one of the strategies taught, I’ve just agreed a deal that will double my turnover overnight.”
Income Optimising Strategy
Learn how you can add multiple layers on income with your existing client base, and without increasing your fees, to make thousands more
Systemisation Format
How to structure what your team does to make them more effective and safe, plus how to use technology to really ramp up performance levels
Treble Your Turnover Blueprint
Find out the secrets for maximising your business’ growth without maxing out cash reserves and resources – maybe even overnight.
Know Your Numbers Formula
Dig deep into your statistics and data, to find the numbers you need to create the plan that will help your agency reach its goals and beyond.
Maximum Performance Activator
Turn your staff into a lean, mean, let-producing machine, with innovative tools, tips and tricks to get the team motivated.
Here's how Bootcamp has helped these Agent Rainmakers...
If you’re ready to get tough on your turnover, and see it grow to up to 700k from a single branch, Bootcamp is waiting.
20th - 23rd August, 2020 (Wolverhampton)
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