Coaching & Support that fits around YOU

“Since meeting Sally Lawson, we are so much more confident and have taken away so much amazing advice. Our busy office that was treading water is now growing again, with less staff might I add.”

Martin Thacker

“World-class, relevant, and invaluable training for Letting Agents business owners and their teams. Practical, inspiring, and transformative. Thank you!!!”

Glenn Perry

“I have another name for Sally Lawson, I think she’s the patron saint of letting agents. She’s turned my life around. I would not have missed this for the world”.

Heather Hilder-darling

Secrets to Agency GROWTH

1 Day Event

This is our Introductory event at Agent Rainmaker, where most business owners start off to discover all of the SECRETS to the Agent Rainmaker GROWTH strategies. This is a full-on highly exciting day, where Sally shares over 16 strategies that HAVE achieved HUGE results in agencies across the UK and will do the same for you. Sally shares the technique, shows examples of who has done it, and the results they got, to give you not just ideas, but the proof and validation on HOW. Most people that attend this event say it is the single most VALUABLE one day’s training they have EVER attended. Many have gone on to achieve MASSIVE growth soon after too. This is the place to start if you have never been to an AR event before, and these run every month throughout the year.

Legendary BOOTCAMP

4 Day Business Immersion

If you haven’t attended the 4-day LEGENDARY Bootcamp, then you are missing one of what is soon becoming an ESSENTIAL progression for agents everywhere… This is THE event they all talk about, where we help you to completely REMODEL your agency, build your next 4 years growth plans, and discover literally 100’s of new ways to GROW, EXPAND and squeeze ever more profit from your business. Many have generated over 100k some have generated over £1,000,000 (million) additional revenue from what they learned at this event, but you need to be there to experience it. Transformational, motivational, and not like ANYTHING you will have ever done before. Running Every 3 months.

Xcelerator Programme

12-month AR Membership

Throughout the 12-month ARX programme you will work in small groups and 1-2-1 with you coach through the most successful Agent Rainmaker GROWTH strategies, to get these implemented into your business so you can realise the same results as our other members and maybe even better! We give you the tools, the training, support, and open up our entire team to support you in your business GROWTH mission AND we have FUN together too. It’s like a FAMILY, but on a MISSION”

AR Live

Celebration of the year for Agents Success

This has become a MUST attend event for agents across the UK.

– 100% Motivational (no boring speakers allowed or scary ones either).

– 100% Educational (not a series of people wanting to sell you stuff).

– 100% Lettings- How to generate LEADS, GROW, and BUILD your business.

Best of all; 100% about YOU

Your business, your experience, your industry, and YOUR community. This is the ONLY event, where EVERYONE (yes even the delegates) ALL want to help you succeed and will talk, share, and work with you to do so. REAL live agents, sharing REAL live experiences to help YOU make the changes needed for growth and more profit. Every Year- Annual Conference. 

“Inspiring and motivational Bootcamp with many lightbulb moments. Providing clarity and focus to grow your agency. Setting goals provides a wealth of tools to implement what you have learned!”

Nicola Wilkes

“Bootcamp was awesome! I have run my first hustle gang which resulted in 4 valuations, 24 invites to our landlord seminar which we used as a hook for the hustle gang, and an instant £300 payment for referencing a landlord was going to do on his own for a tenant he found on gumtree!”

Venessa Afonja

“The 4-day Agent Rainmaker Bootcamp has been incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed and have taken a wealth of ideas to run with! Thanks to Sally and her awesome team! Training like no other, I am totally inspired!”

Caroline Stephens

AR Online

Coaching Programme

Over 60 topics & 130 Tutorial videos

With the closing of our popular training programme ‘AR Online’ in 2018, we have decided NOW is the time to release our RE-BUILT Edition of the Programme with the most up-to-date extra’s! We have completely REBUILT it, meaning this NEWFRESH, and the LATEST content we have, this is the EVOLUTION of online learning Agent Rainmaker ONLINE and this is YOUR limited chance, your window of opportunity to get in!

Party of the year for Lettings Agents. Network and be inspired. Over 34 Financial Winners Last Year.

A constantly active and engaging FREE online community. Exclusive to Lettings Agents.

A completely FREE Business Review. Book now.

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The corona challenge 2020

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Agent Rainmaker Launches its FIRST Podcast

Agent Rainmaker Launches its FIRST Podcast

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