28th June 2019 - Wolverhampton
NLP is a set of empowering beliefs that positively influence the way you experience the world. 
Learn how to elicit someone's buying strategy just from the movement of their eyes.
What are the The Foundation Models of NLP?
  •  NEVER reduce your fees again
  •  NEVER take on a Let Only Instruction again 
  •  NEVER be beaten by the competition (or in most cases even compared)  
Representational Systems
  •  Sales tactics and HARD closes DON’T work anymore
  •  Pitches, Scripts and Presenters DON’T work anymore
  •  NO-ONE believes or notices sales promises or adverts anymore 
Tosin Ogunussi
Tosin is the UK’s number 1 peak performance and empowerment coach, a certified NLP coach as well as a multiple author, international award winning speaker and much more.

Tosin runs a number of Authority based skills training days for Agent Rainmaker including Present With Impact, NLP Training and How To Productise Your Knowledge.
NLP is a set of empowering beliefs that positively influence the way you experience the world and allow you to discover and harness the connection between your mind and your body.
The NLP system encompasses:

Which allows you to quickly get on someone's wavelength.

Understand and utilise unconscious body language.

Learn how to persuade and influence others with your charismatic communication style. 

Disagree with others whilst avoiding conflict. 
Anchoring allows you to create powerful triggers to produce your most resourceful states at the drop of a hat. 

Discover how to fire off positive states in others at will. 

Collapse negative triggers to remove bad feelings from negative associations from the past. 

Use techniques for changing how a person stores their own personal history so that they can create new empower­ing meanings from the events of their lives. 

Utilise powerful anchoring chains to move people from stuck states like procrastination to more powerful states like motivation. 
Discover the unconscious hidden internal processes that are at the heart of all behaviour. 

Learn how to elicit someone's buying strategy just from the movement of their eyes so you can fine-tune your approach to maximise sales. 
Representational Systems
Discover how we are all unique in the preferences we have for processing information coming into our nervous sys­tem.

Learn to match others' preferred representational systems to create more harmonious relationships. 

Read a person's eye movements to discover how they are currently processing information internally. 
Why learn NLP?
What this means is… 
NLP has many applications; our training is designed to en­hance both your personal and professional life. 

NLP is well known for its many change techniques enabling you to un­derstand what you really want and overcome the specific fears and obstacles that may be standing in your way. 

By becoming qualified in NLP you will also become proficient in helping yourself and others resolve such issues and de­sign a future that is both compelling and achievable. 
To reserve your space on this ONE day NLP workshop to learn increased skills in com­munications, managing, influencing and teamwork, to en­trepreneurial skills and increased effectiveness for small business owners and the self employed.
Here is what other letting agents, that have learnt this method have said…
“I’ve achieved 100% conversion and 100% FM conversion since learning this method”
Sue Stocks
“I’ve doubled my business in literally 6 months since learning this” 
Matilda Nowak 
“I’ve managed to convert landlords from Let only to FM that I never thought possible”
Luke St Clair 
“Using this method, I won a client with 200 units, that I had been trying to convert for 3 years!, I’ve generated 200k, for my business from this method alone already” 
Kamlesh Padhra
“I had a landlord on 7% fees and using this method, I converted him to 11%, with one call”
Paul Kearton
28th June 
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  • Ticket: £297 + VAT
  • Workshop in the Midlands
  • 9AM - 5:30PM
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