TEAM Management Workshop 
"Getting Accountability and RESULTS from your TEAM FAST"
The ESSENTIAL Workshop for any NEW or EXPERIENCED Managers of teams
23rd April 2020
Ever wondered how to get your team performing better and more consistently?
Do you feel like you delegate tasks but then end up doing them yourself?
On this PACKED one day course, our very own Team Development Director with over 30 years experience in Agency at Senior Management and Director Level, will be sharing with you how to revamp your staff management process completely from the way we recruit, manage and right up to how we develop, exit and or promote. 
WHY? Because right now, we need to be getting you READY for..
ROPA (Regulation of Property Agents) 
ROPA IS COMING, (where all our staff will have to be qualified to level 3 in order to speak to customers on the phone unsupervised and directors have to be level 4).

Meaning somewhere in the next 2 years, we are going to have to be 1000% better at recruiting the RIGHT staff, on-boarding them FAST, and coaching and training them to become QUALIFIED so that they can work unsupervised!
This is a MAJOR change!


Staff will also then become highly sort after, valuable and POACHABLE, therefore we need to work to create an attractive environment, full of recognition and reward, with reduced stress to make them want to stay.
But also as a business, we need teams that are “A” Players and will perform the tasks and at a level we need them too. This is where ACCOUNTABILITY comes in and nurturing all teams and members to be better.
We ALSO need to FULLY embrace the learning culture to make sure ALL staff get qualified FAST and maintain knowledge, in this complex and ever increasingly legislative environment. 
On this session, we cover HOW to change the way people do things so they can perform better!
David will take you through the 6 step process right from the outset to the end to make sure you will always know how to recruit the RIGHT people (not just whoever is available out of desperation) and to get the BEST from them.

Team Development EXPERT David will show you how to:  

  • Identify your A players from your C players (and what to do about it) 
  • WHAT characters are best suited to the different types of ROLES in your business
  • ​How to coach your TEAM to HIGH LEVEL performance
  • ​How to truly EMBED and EMBRACE a learning CULTURE into your business to take the pressure off senior management (managing EXPERTS is a lot easier than managing Monkeys) 
  • ​The best format for a TRAINING plan to get your staff qualified FAST 
  • ​How to create a WINNING and fully Accountable environment where SUCCESS is aspired to and chased (not failure and excuses) 
  • ​How to MONITOR and MANAGE the team to make sure they are achieving the company's GOALS 
  • HOW to develop your A players into Senior Management Positions to set you FREE 
At the End of the day, you will have a FULL 360 degree overview on how to completely REFRESH your Staff Management System and get you ready for ROPA!
An essential workshop for ANYONE in charge of STAFF at ANY level!

Andrew Reeves

All my staff have now calculated their hourly rate, and now only do the jobs that are in line with this and worth their time

Funsho Darmomla

Private victories soon become public victories. My staff are beginning to take on more responsibility, one of my staff is even taking lead on today's staff meeting! I'm impressed to see my staff are even now dressing smarter, with the impact being a harder hustle in work. 

Michael Mortimer

everyone is now working as a team, and everyone believes in the strategies. We can see a change in the office, and a lot of my staff are now staying late to get more business. 
management development training
27th August 2019
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £197 + VAT
  • Wolverhampton
  • 9AM - 5:30PM
23rd April 2020
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £297 + VAT
  • Wolverhampton
  • 9AM - 5:30PM


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