The Profit Making Tenancy Manager Workshop
12th September 19 (Wolverhampton)
Turn your Tenancy Managers into
Opportunity seeking, Up-selling, Landlord pleasing Team Members,
With a shared vision for GROWING your business
One thing we can guarantee, is that you will NEVER have been on a tenancy manager training day like THIS ONE!
You will learn what makes the difference between an
AVERAGE and AWESOME Tenancy Manager:
1. The important ROLE of a tenancy manager
The definition of the Tenancy Manager v the Property Manager and how this has evolved and changed over the years, also where do we as tenancy managers fit into the Letting Agency and how can we ADD value and help the business GROW and keep the customers happy.
2. The Importance of POSITIVE
Now more than ever we need to be finding ways to communicate positive communication to our landlords to keep them with us and happy, here we will explore the many ways we can do just that!
3. The Importance of CLEAR
The BIGGEST problem Tenancy Managers have is that they are not CLEAR in their communication with their landlords or tenants and this takes practice, here we will ROLE PLAY clear and concise and laser sharp to the point communication, so that no one EVER again is left unsure of the outcome or requirements.
4. The Importance of DONE
Here we will cover the various tasks a Tenancy Manager has to do and which ones are ESSENTIAL to ensure done legally and we will arm the attendees with the reasons WHY these areas need to be completed, to help them explain to their customers of what and why things need completing such as Gas work, Maintenance, HMO licenses, HHSRS works orders etc.
5. The Tenancy Manager RANT
The Legendary RANT meets the Tenancy Manager… you will discover how to make sure you NEVER get a landlord refusing to do essential works again.
We will share how to make sure you understand exactly what legislation requires various important works to be done and how to put this across in a way that your landlord clearly understands too (and never argues again)
Here are just some of the areas we cover on the day:
Rent Arrears
The best way to keep your clients happy is to get their money in, and it’s the same for tenants too, they need to know where they stand with clear communication… here we will cover How to chase, collect and get payment in every time by communicating for results
Valuing your TIME
What IS your role as a tenancy manager and where does it begin and END, and how helpful, is TOO helpful?
 How can you find opportunities to “upsell” to higher level services, by refusing to carry out un-required tasks for clients (asking you to do too much)
Looking for 
Where can YOU add value to your business and seek income generation opportunities and become a PROFIT centre instead of an operations cost.
 When landlords want to sell, refurbish, buy, move, identifying TRIGGER words and comments, that could really open doors and brand new income streams for your business.
What are you REALLY looking for on an inspection, and how should you REALLY be communicating with your tenants and landlords.
Here we look at the areas the Immigration Act has given us extra responsibility and how this has changed the inspection process, but also how we can turn these conversations with our landlord customers into positive calls and be giving BACK to our landlords to make them feel pleased they work with us…
Converting Let Only to 
 Fully Managed
We will be sharing with your team how to use, extraordinary requests for help to UPSELL your Let only landlords to fully Managed or Current Managed landlords to VIP
Where do you start to stop being helpful and start being a liability, by agreeing to do too much for a client, you could be leaving the company liable for areas, they shouldn’t be, here we explore what IS and what ISNT our roles
A fully packed day with a difference, focused around the “communication” of the work that tenancy managers do, this is a real “modernisation” of the Tenancy Manager Role, and will really focus your team on being part of the Agent Rainmaker community and working WITH you to GROW your business, get them on the same page as your front end team and turn them into high customer service profit focused team members.
This is NOT a legal training day, or a “how to” day, but throughout the day, there will be lots of reference to legislation and the references to when it should be used and how.
We would recommend that they also attend our Essential Legal Intensive and the Advanced Legal Intensive also for the more experienced Tenancy Manager.
The investment for our Tenancy Manager Workshop is just £297 + VAT. Space is limited to only 30 seats, so make sure you have your tickets FAST!
To reserve you/your teams spaces on this ONE day workshop to turn your Tenancy Managers into Opportunity seeking, Up-selling, landlord pleasing Team Members, with a shared vision for GROWING your business...
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The Profit making Tenancy Manager workshop
12th Sept
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £297 + VAT
  • Wolverhampton
  • 9AM - 5:30PM
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