Get Your COMPLETE workbook to Beating the BAN in your Letting Agency
The Tenant Fee Ban draft bill has been released, the clock is ticking now, 
for agents to find alternative ways to generate somewhere between 10-25% of their turnover that they stand to lose

For the first time in decades, agents are revisiting their business models and completely re-working their charging structures and business models, which will result in a very different range of agency types…
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So what is everyone doing?
Since November 2016, I have ran over a dozen seminars on the subject, I have been speaking with literally thousands of letting agents all over the country (including Scotland on what they did when the ban was introduced there in 2012), plus ran over 100 hours of strategy groups working on the answer, and the GREAT news is, there is a solution! And I'm happy to give this to you for just £10 + VAT, and you will have my Beat the Ban Workbook, with over 60 step by step points to work through your business…

Agents across the country are confused, looking for answers, but there have been also some astounding discoveries and ideas that have come out of those meetings on how to REALLY make more money, with very little extra effort, in fact most of the strategies are frighteningly so simple, you will wonder why you didn’t do them before…
The Workbook will cover 4 key areas…
  • INCREASE INCOME- How to get paid MORE for what you already do WITHOUT taking on extra work
  •  RESTRUCTURE YOUR SERVICE - Identify additional services or REPACKAGED services you could add to your business to make MORE
  •  STREAMLINE - Work to systemise and structure the back end of your business and the administration to become more effective with your staffs time
  •  EFFICIENT- Cut out unnecessary costs and reduce outgoing, audit your suppliers and overheads
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