The Story of Agent Rainmaker

You may have noticed, that right now, the industry is being attacked from all angles, everywhere we look, someone is creating legislation, making changes that affect us and our customer financially and mentally… every change means we have to take on more work, carry higher risk, and for in most cases less of a fee…The point we have got to as agents is that we just cannot carry on as we are, something has to give, and either it’s us that gives (and many are leaving the industry), or we make the changes necessary to survive, thrive and transform our businesses into profitable, fun places to be again, just like they used to be…

Shaping the Industry together

At Agent Rainmaker, changing this, is our mission, our purpose and our reason for creating the AR movement; to bring agents together, our people, to talk, share, discuss and discover all the options before us, on how we can evolve to become current, efficient and profitable in the current climate.

To see what is working NOW, what worked for WHO so that we can all learn and share in the success and REPLICATE it in our businesses. What happened in doing this we realised, that we can together actually go a whole lot further and then beyond just profitable to a whole new level, growing, building, acquiring and transforming our services to be better for the customer, better for us and putting us all in a much better position for the future and for future generations too.

The new age of agency is exciting, with so many opportunities, here at Agent Rainmaker, this is where we have bought the industry together, so that you can see, hear and share YOUR stories, and see how the small changes have meant huge results for other agents and their families and their lives, but also, to their businesses and colleagues.

Your Success is Our Success

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The Actions we take together

“It’s made me come out of my shell, I’ve found a community, I now want to connect with people to learn, and HELP and share too! It just feels like you’re not alone anymore!”

Ben Churchill

“Where else do you get this kind of knowledge, along with excitement, friendship, and community?!”

Nadine Willis

“It’s like a bubble of motivation, inspiration and support… it’s like a FAMILY!”

Heather Hilder-Darling

As Agent Rainmaker’s we share all types of strategies from all different sizes of agency, from new starts, one-man bands, to multi-branch giants, but the strange thing is, no matter what your size, the problems are the same… Lack of time, doing too much for free, not making enough money, over-demanding clients, tough market, low fees, and ever-increasing legislation, not to mention the competition and landlord taxation too. We also run every year the Agent Rainmaker LIVE event, and I have to say the event is MIND-BLOWING! But whatever event we run, whether you attend one of our ONE-day events, the Legendary 4-day BOOTCAMP or #ARLive, you can be sure of 100% motivation, maximum impact and all implementable fully useable CONTENT that you can apply either in the room or straight away afterward… we guarantee no high convoluted waffle, in ANY of our coaching sessions.

What amazes us, is that, in our rooms, everyone was so willing to share, get involved, help each other, and discuss progress and dynamics unlike anywhere else. I have been in the industry for 30 years now, and NEVER before have I been in such a community, any environment, or any conference, where other agents are so willing to talk and coach each other to achieve success… It just proves, that by coming together, we can and are building something better for all of us… Let’s make this industry even better this year.

Sally Lawson

Celebrating our Achievements Together

– Annual Conference and Awards Dinner at Agent Rainmaker LIVE every year!

– Over 50 Award winner so far

Watch this video to get a feel for how our annual AR Awards Evening goes as the party of the year for Letting Agents!

Our Award Entries from last year’s Agent Rainmaker Live Event. When are you sending in your submission?!

Giving Back

Giving back to the community and reaching out to help others is at the very core of Agent Rainmaker. As a direct result,  Agent Rainmaker has supported the charity ‘Promise Dreams’ from the very beginning, local to the Wolverhampton area, our relationship and communication with them have continued to remain strong.

Promise Dreams is a charity that provides support to terminally ill children and their families by giving them the chance to make requests (otherwise known as Dreams) as for mostly all of their lives, they have been denied the chance to lead a normal life, even for just a day, and are often heavily reliant on parents, guardians and other services every single day. These dreams don’t always JUST bring tears to the eyes of the children, but to the parents too.

The dreams can range from a day at Alton Towers, to merely a buggy that will allow the children to be taken outside. To us, their everyday items or activities are things we take for granted, but to them, they are life-changing.